Passive Job Search Strategies

by | November 30, 2009

Once people start feeling better about the market, thosecurrently employed will feel braver about considering job alternatives.  While the market has not completelyrecovered, I find more people emboldened about their prospects and planning tolook in early 2010.  If you are oneof those employed jobseekers itching to test the market, here are somestrategies for a passive job search:

Shore upyour job search foundation
Update your resume. Complete your LinkedInprofile.  Send a holiday mailing asa fun way to get your contacts organized. Reach out to references, mentors, and your key stakeholders from pastpositions to make sure you haven’t lost touch.  Do these basic maintenance chores now while you are not busyactively looking.

Take timefor internal reflection
If a great opportunity came along, would you recognizeit?  Do you know what would makeyou leave?  Do you know what youneed in your next role to ensure it keeps you on the career path youdesire?  Are you ready for thatnext professional challenge or just bored (in which case you might want tostart a hobby rather than a search)?

Get yourselfknown
If a great opportunity opened up, would the hiring companyrecognize you?  Have you publishedor presented?  Are you active insocial networks?  Are the peoplewho do know you and like you able to describe what you’re good at and whatinterests you? 

If you’re not sure about launching a search but want to testthe waters, you need to use these passive job search strategies.  Once you master job search strategiesand incorporate them into your regular career management, you won’t need toworry about missing that next big thing. You will naturally be in touch with the market and able to pounce onopportunities according to your interest and timetable.  That is the ultimate job security. 

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