8 Ways to Start Your Career Search

by Kristina Rudic | September 06, 2016

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8 Ways to Start Your Career Search

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Visit your career center

The beginnings of building a resume can be daunting, and we all need a little help to get us started. Visiting your career center allows you to see a comprehensive roundup of potential volunteer, intern, and job opportunities that your school has to offer. This is also a great place to ask about Vault and if it’s available at your school, especially since our website has an internship page that includes companies with internships and a rotating job board. 

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When our very own Beth Burrus took a roadtrip to visit schools across the US, she discovered the 8 ways college students can kickstart their future careers and secure a network before graduation. She shared them - and the roadtrip pictures - with Vault's editorial staff.

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