Interview Questions: Simple: The Word On Resumes & Cover Let

by | March 31, 2009

  • My Vault has had the opportunity to speak to several recruiters and human resources personnel about what they look for in a physical resume. "When in doubt, keep things simple," one HR professional warns. "Frequently, we see spelling or grammar mistakes. Oftentimes on cover letters, a student will be working from a template and forget to change one of the names or addresses on the template to reflect the appropriate recipient information."

What else should a cover look like? Says a gatekeeper for a major consulting firm, "It should be short and should speak to any issues that might need more of an explanation than can be addressed in a resume." As for the resume "skills and education should be very clear." "Many applicants think fancy is better," comments another interviewer, "when in fact, simple usually looks more professional and appealing."

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