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by | March 31, 2009

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Technology firms are looking for graduates with a range of industry specific skills and technical expertise. This CV showcases the range of skills that the candidate has acquired through various internship programmes. Briefly explain your role during the internships, outlining responsibilities and/or achievements. Do not be afraid to list extensively the programmes, computer languages, and systems that you are familiar with as employers are likely to be looking for specific knowledge. Lastly, break the stereotype and prove to employers that you are more than a computer geek - if you enjoy cooking, football, music or art let them know.

Peter Lowe
108 Kent Lane
Tel: +44 (0) 00 0000 0000 "

Profile: I am a recent graduate from Scottish University with a 1st class degree in Computer Science. I want to build on my work experiences through which I have developed knowledge of several computer models such as Unified Modelling Language and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. My project work at university required me to develop strong organisational and leadership skills.

Nationality:British Date of birth:24/12/86

BA in Computer Science Scottish School for Boys
Elite Scottish University (2004-2007), 1st class (1999-2004) 3 A-Levels, 3As
Specialisation in telecommunications

Aug 2006 - Oct 2006 Internship at Future Computers
Revington, Scotland
I worked on updating their network and devised a way of decreasing the amount of power used by the computers.

Aug 2004 - Sept 2004 Internship at TalksALot Telecoms
Bakersville, Scotland
I was in charge of facilitating the advancement of the broadband network for this region. This was completed and increased broadband speed by five times.

Aug 2002 - Nov 2002 Internship at Cool Computers
Scotchtown, Scotland
I worked with the Research and Development team that was investigating the capabilities of the new X6YUNQ chip.


  • Operating systems: Extensive experience with Solaris (user), various flavours of Linux (user and administrator) and FreeBSD (user and administrator), and good knowledge of OpenBSD (user and administrator). Also, good knowledge of most Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME and Windows 2000.
  • Programming languages: Very good knowledge of C, good knowledge of UNIX (Bash) shell programming, basic knowledge of C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, Python and HTML
  • Matlab: Very good knowledge of Matlab
  • LaTeX: Very good knowledge of LaTeX
  • Open source productivity tools: Very good knowledge of most commonly-used open-source productivity tools, such as the GNU tools.

    Rock climbing: I recently went mountain climbing for one month in Mexico (June 2007)
    Football: I play football for a neighbourhood team
    Triathlon: I came fourth in the London Triathlon (2007)

    References available upon request

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