Leadership Lessons: Find Someone to Follow

by Phil Stott | August 30, 2017

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Following footsteps in the desert

Much of what you'll read about leadership and entrepreneurialism focuses on visionaries—people who stick their neck out and make it big by following their dreams. But what that commentary often misses is the importance of the people around them—something that is perfectly captured in the video below. (Disclosure: I know it's been around for a while, but it's definitely worth rediscovering).


In the video, entrepreneur Derek Sivers provides a voiceover to a clip that went viral back around the turn of the decade. In it, he explains how the most important person isn't the "visionary", but the first follower, and the crucial role that that person has in transforming the perception of the leader from "lone nut" to founder of a movement. It's something to keep in mind in your own career: you don't necessarily need to be the person with the big idea; you can be just as valuable being the first (or second) follower.



Photo credit: Raechel Romero on Unsplash

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