Why Chinese Fathers Are Like First-Year Analysts

by Derek Loosvelt | January 21, 2011

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It's quite simple, really, because (1) Chinese Fathers (that is, Chinese Mothers' male, female or transgender significant others), like first-year analysts, must grin and bear it, day after day, night after night, nodding politely while uttering phrases like "Yes, okay, I'll make sure the kids have read Proust before dinner and that I've read it as well so I can quiz them" and "Yes, sir, I'll have those 685 different scenarios modeled up in a minute" and "Yes, I understand perfectly that I can't see me friends anymore and, in fact, that I do not have friends anymore, and that I must start pulling my own weight around here, as you keep kindly reminding of, as well as start pulling another string of 29 back-to-back all-nighters"; and (2) Chinese Fathers, like first-year analysts, find that their bosses (Chinese Mothers/managing directors) are even more demanding and unwilling to waver than all of their friends had told them they would be before they made the plunge (to marry/take a job at a bulge-bracket Wall Street bank); and (3) Chinese Fathers, like first-year analysts, actually only make about $6.35 per hour when you take into account all the time they spend working for the Woman/Man.


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