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by Derek Loosvelt | September 22, 2010

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In Vault's 2010 Banking Survey, in addition to prestige, employees at banks were asked to rank their own firms in regards to several quality of life categories, including firm culture, compensation, hours, training, diversity and business outlook. And dominating this year’s quality of life rankings was Houlihan Lokey, which ranked No. 1 in 9 out of the 15 categories.
Houlihan Lokey has long been known as a fantastic place to work—every year it ranks at or near the top in just about all of our quality of life categories—but this year the firm severely outdistanced its peers in the rankings. According to the results of our survey, the bank places a huge emphasis on treating its employees well and giving them a great learning experience. It also gives its employees tons of live deal experience: Houlihan Lokey works on more middle-market M&A and restructuring deals than any other bank.
Below are the top ranked firms in each quality of life category (along with a quote from one of the firm’s professionals):
Overall satisfaction: Houlihan Lokey (“I've had a great experience at Houlihan Lokey and intend to stay indefinitely.”)
Firm culture: Houlihan Lokey (“Amazing culture from the co-CEOs to the [employees in the] mail room. Everyone is encouraged to make a difference and leave their legacy.”)
Hours: Houlihan Lokey (“Extremely supportive of balancing work and personal time.”)
Manager relations: Houlihan Lokey (“Everyone has an open-door policy.”)
Formal training: J.P. Morgan Investment Bank (“Hands down, J.P. Morgan's training program is, and has been the best on the Street. It's a very comprehensive program that covers all of the key tools needed by an analyst/associate.”)
Informal training: Houlihan Lokey (“Informal training is never-ending. [Bankers] learn by shadowing more senior bankers, and have all kinds of access to senior bankers for advice.”)
Office space: Houlihan Lokey (“Very luxurious and modern.”)
Compensation: Centerview Partners (“Centerview pays extremely well—on the same level or higher than any of the bulge brackets. The hours are long, but the pay is the best on the Street.”)
Selectivity: William Blair & Company (“The firm is looking for candidates with the right pedigree and right personality to hit the ground running. Interpersonal skills are important—even analysts are expected to handle clients and work directly with partners.”)
Green initiatives: Houlihan Lokey (“The firm has recently made an effort to be more aware of its impact on the environment, and that has been reflected in various policies, including those on food, paper and other office supplies.”)
Business outlook: Houlihan Lokey (“We're coming off a record year with our reputation unsullied, our financial position stronger than ever, morale very high, and having completed our most aggressive hiring program ever.”)
Overall diversity: Goldman Sachs (“The firm maintains a strong commitment to diversity and mandates that all employees participate in at least two hours of diversity-related training per year.”)
Diversity with respect to women: Houlihan Lokey (“We have great women at all different levels.”)
Diversity with respect to minorities: Goldman Sachs (“The incoming classes are very diverse, and the highest levels of the firm are becoming increasingly diverse.)
Diversity with respect to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals: Goldman Sachs (“Various affinity networks offered.”)

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