The Secret Lives of Bankers

by Derek Loosvelt | January 05, 2011

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Over the next couple weeks, I'll be posting several new Days in the Life -- first-person accounts detailing, from start to finish, the workdays of bankers, traders, salespeople, and other finance professionals.

Days in the Life are nothing new at Vault -- we've published hundreds during the past decade, both online and in our print guides -- but it's been awhile since we've published any new DITLs, at least in finance.

We at Vault believe that Days in the Life give a rather clear, if not always pretty picture of what life is actually like working at a particular firm, in a particular department, or both. They can also help you prepare for an interview (letting you know what you're getting into and giving you ideas for questions to ask during your interview) and help you decide which job offer to accept (giving you insight into the differences among various firms, divisions, or departments). In addition, they can, at times, make you laugh or wince (though I've never known a DITL to make anyone cry upon reading, it's not out of the question; some days, of course, can get extremely dramatic).

The first new Day in the Life (of an investment banking analyst at a major Wall Street firm) will be published (here) tomorrow.

Concerning that DITL, as well as others to follow, we'd love to hear what you think (should we get more details from insiders to get an even closer look at the daily duties of finance professionals? are we getting it right?). And, by all means, if you'd like to offer up details on a day in your life, please drop me a line at

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