The Case of Goldman’s Missing Secret Sauce: What We Know and

by Derek Loosvelt | July 07, 2009

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So far, this is what we know:

1. Sergey Aleynikov—the former Goldman Sachs computer programmer originally from Russia who was arrested by the FBI and charged with stealing Goldman’s “secret sauce” a.k.a. the proprietary trading computer codes that go a long way to giving the prestigious investment bank an edge in the marketplace over its competitors—is apparently neither the best thief on the Street nor the best ballroom dancer.

2. IT pays! Not crime, but Information Technology. Sergey, reportedly, pocketed $400,000 a year at Goldman and stood (before he fell into the hands of the FBI) to make three times that at his new firm, Teza Technologies LLC. (Too bad for Sergey he only worked for Teza for a few hours.)

3. That “secret sauce” that Sergey supposedly stole ain’t no joke. Check this out.

And this is what we don’t:

1. If Teza Technologies had any idea (even if they didn’t specifically ask) that Sergey was bringing over “the goods” when it hired the 39-year-old programmer.

2. Who removed the audio from this 10-plus minute masterpiece of a video entitled "Sergei & Eleni’s Aleynikov Love Story."

3. If the Russian emigrant is, in fact, guilty of anything of a criminal nature, other than allowing the two aforementioned videos from being posted to the world wide web.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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