The Banker Shuffle Continues As World Mourns Man Who Put The

by Derek Loosvelt | June 26, 2009

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While fans worldwide mourn Michael Jackson's sad and shocking death (and hit the checkout button on faster than Michael's leg kick/twist/hand-to-foot move), more details are surfacing about how the deal to steal UBS Investment Bank’s health care bankers went down. Reportedly, after the senior bankers fled for Jefferies, they sent the junior bankers in their former unit a rather nice compensation offer complete with bonus, leaving it on the table for just a few hours, during which UBS got wind of the offers and called a meeting of the minds still employed in the division to try to stall the exodus. But the Swiss were too slow on the draw, as all but one of the juniors signed, sealed and delivered the offers to their old bosses at their new firm.

Speaking of exodus, two more Bank of America Merrill Lynch executives handed in their resignations. One's heading to Morgan Stanley, another to Stifel Nicolaus.

And, it must be said, that no matter what you think or thought of Michael “The Moonwalking Neverland Rancher Half A Billion In Debt Plastic Surgery Addicted Toddler Dangling Falsetto King of Marrying Classic R&B & Soul With More Pop Hits Than You Can Shake A Diamond-Studded Right-Handed Glove At” Jackson, the man could sing. And dance. Like nobody's business.

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