The Balance Sheet (Back to School Edition)

by Derek Loosvelt | September 05, 2008

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Average number of dollars that private equity professionals earned in 2007, according to the latest Private Equity Analyst-Holt Compensation Study: 426,500
Percent that number increased versus the previous year: 32.3

Average number of dollars that venture capitalist professionals earned in 2007, according to the same study: 408,000
Percent increase versus the previous year: 16.6

Number of dollars that the U.S. Open men’s singles champion will earn this year: 1,500,000
Dollars that the U.S. Open women’s singles champion will earn: 1,500,000

Number of years (including this one) that the U.S. Open has offered equal prize money to its men’s and women’s singles champions: 36
Years that Wimbledon has offered equal prize money to its men’s and women’s singles champions: 2

Number of dollars lost by banks and securities firms in the subprime crisis: 500,000,000,000
Number of homes the Mortgage Bankers Association says are now in foreclosure: 1,200,000

Estimated number of positions to be cut after Commerzbank purchases Dresdner Bank: 9,000
Number that will affect Dresdner’s investment banking unit, Dresdner Kleinwort: 1,250

Number of employees GMAC’s home loan unit Residential Capital recently said it will lay off: 5,000
Percent that these cuts are of Residential Capital's total staff: 60

Dollars of write-downs that Lehman Brothers is estimated to make in the third quarter: 5,000,000,000
Percent stake in Lehman that Korea Development Bank is seeking to buy: 25

Percent that Lehman Brothers’ stock has dropped in the past year: 76
Percent rise in Lehman’s stock price after Reuters announced that Blackstone and KKR might buy a piece of the bank: 5

Number of dollars Merrill Lynch raised in July by selling new stock: 8,500,000,000
Number of dollars that Goldman Sachs analysts expect Merrill to lose in the third quarter: 8,800,000,000

Estimated number of dollars that Barack Obama’s tax proposals will add to the national debt, according to the Tax Policy Center: 2,900,000,000,000
Dollars the Center estimates that John McCain’s tax proposals will add: 4,200,000,000,000

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