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by Derek Loosvelt | February 15, 2008

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Number of job cuts Morgan Stanley announced this week in operations, technology, asset management, and other units in the U.S. and U.K.: 1,000

Number of total job cuts Morgan Stanley announced in all of 2007: 900

Number of years that Jerker Johansson, the new chairman and CEO of UBS Investment Bank, worked at Morgan Stanley, where he most recently served as vice chairman: 22

Jerker Johansson's current age: 51

UBS AG's net loss for the fourth quarter of 2007: $11.3 billion

UBS AG's net loss for the full year 2007: $4 billion

Percent increase in Credit Suisse's net revenue in 2007: 6

Percent increase in Evercore Partners' net revenue in 2007: 53

Evercore Partner's ranking in U.S. announced merger and acquisition deals, by volume, in 2007: 12

Goldman Sachs' ranking in U.S. announced merger and acquisition deal volume in 2007: 1

Goldman Sachs' ranking in Fortune magazine's latest list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For: 9

High range of the estimate cost of sex reassignment surgery, which Goldman Sachs now covers for employees under its health insurance plan: $150,000

Approximate 2007 bonus of a first-year sales associate at Goldman Sachs: $145,000

Percent stake that Morgan Stanley recently took in a Vietnamese brokerage firm, in what was the first deal of its kind by a Western firm in the Southeast Asian country: 49

Number of securities firms operating in Vietnam in 2006: 15

Number of securities firms operating in Vietnam today: 100

Approximate number of retail bank branches that U.K.-based bank HSBC currently owns in France: 800

Approximate number of its French branches that HSBC announced that it might sell: 300

Estimated worth of those branches: $3.90 billion

Loss that French bank Société Générale incurred as a result of former employee Jérôme Kerviel’s unauthorized trades: $7.1 billion

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