The 5 Best Finance and Accounting Firms for Community Engagement

by Vault Careers | December 21, 2015

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The Best Finance and Accounting Firms for Community Engagement

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Here at Vault, we like to think we know a thing or two about what makes a great company to work for—especially in the financial and accounting sectors, two of the core industries that we cover. And, while we ask employees to tell us about issues like philanthropy and green initiatives, we also know that there are lots of other ways that companies can set themselves apart and play a role in their wider communities. Thanks to our friends at Causecast, the employee engagement firm that provided this slideshow, we now have another way of considering the impact that those leading firms make on the communities around them: The Civic 50. Read on to find out more about the Civic 50, and be sure to check out each of the slides above to learn more about what each of these firms has been doing to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Every year, The Civic 50 honors the 50 most community-minded companies, issuing a report about which companies are best at engaging their communities and employees to create impact. An initiative of Points of Light in partnership with Bloomberg LP, the Civic 50 determines its results through a survey asking for each company’s investment in community engagement, integration of community engagement into corporate business interests, how well a company supports community engagement through its institutional policies, and how well a company measures the social and business impact of its community engagement program.

The goal of the Civic 50 is to highlight the best corporate philanthropy performers in the country and then illustrate how other companies can follow their example. If you’re looking for a job, starting with the Civic 50 is a great place to source some of most fulfilling and inspiring companies to work for.

What kind of inspiration are we talking about? Check out these stats:

  • An average of 35% of U.S. employees at Civic 50 companies participated in some type of company-sponsored volunteerism. The average participation rate for other companies is 30%.
  • On average, U.S. employees at Civic 50 companies volunteered a total of 5.73 hours annually.
  • An average of 20% of U.S. volunteer time at Civic 50 companies is categorized as skills-based volunteering.
  • An average of 13% of Civic 50 company cash contributions are matches to U.S. employee giving.
  • On average, 43% of Civic 50 grantees received additional support in the form of volunteerism or in-kind donations.
  • 64% of Civic 50 companies said they took a leadership position on four or more national public education or policy advocacy efforts.
  • 18% said they took a leadership position on one to three national efforts.
  • 78% of Civic 50 companies have a formal structure to seek input from U.S. community leaders, such as a survey, focus group or community meeting.
  • 50% of Civic 50 companies include community engagement as a formal written component of employees’ performance reviews. (For more on this trend, read my blog about how volunteering is becoming a part of performance reviews.)
  • 70% of Civic 50 companies have community engagement listed on division/department/business unit scorecards or evaluations.
  • 100% of Civic 50 companies offer awards and recognition opportunities (both internal and external).
  • 82% of Civic 50 companies allow employees paid time off to volunteer.
  • 84% offer U.S. grant-matching.
  • 76% of companies offer U.S. volunteer “Dollars for Doers” grants.
  • 100% of Civic 50 companies have online portals to support U.S. community engagement.
  • 72% of Civic 50 companies say that leadership participates in U.S. company community engagement events or activities at least 12 times per year.
  • 46% say leadership encourages employee participation in community engagement events/activities at least three to five times per year.
  • 66% of Civic 50 companies say their leadership present on community engagement to the company’s board at least 12 times per year.

There are so many interesting stories about best practices in community engagement to be found within the Civic 50. To take a deeper dive, we focused on just two areas: finance and accounting/ consulting. While all of the Civic 50 display leadership in giving back, we asked Points of Light to identify the companies within these sectors that they consider to be standouts.

According to Points of Light, here are the financial and accounting/ consulting companies that are demonstrating exceptional community engagement:

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