That's Gonna Leave A Mark: Lloyd Blankfein Falls From 1 to 1

by Derek Loosvelt | September 01, 2010

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Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein fell, plummeted, dropped, severely slipped, crashed and burned all the way from the No. 1 spot on Vanity Fair's annual New Establishment ranking to No. 100.

That is, Lloyd went from first to last.

Indeed, it was quite a dive for the formerly-tight-lipped-chief-executive-turned-PR-rep (in the wake of Goldman's SEC lawsuit, Lloyd was forced to hit the media outlets, putting his mug on every channel north of the Mexican border, trying to convince Main Street and Congress alike that his bankers and traders weren't the vampire squids that one Rolling Stone writer famously made them out to be) but one that I bet Lloyd doesn't give two CDOs about.

Still, it has to sting a bit being beat out on the list by fellow finance firm chiefs Larry Fink (No. 15) and Jamie Dimon (No. 30). And it can't feel too good getting creamed by these folks: Johnny "Jack $parrow" Depp (No. 20), Lady Gaga (No. 23), Bono (No. 35), Karl Lagerfeld (No. 39), Some Video Game Dude (No. 44) and US Weekly cover guy/gal Brangelina (No. 75).

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