Stanford's Blood Brother Comes Clean

by Derek Loosvelt | August 28, 2009

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Bernie Madoff’s Ponz of the Century is starting to look like a snoozer of a story when compared to the tabloid-esque details that have been surfacing in Sir Stanford’s billion-dollar scheme. The latest dirt in Sir's case that's been unearthed has to do with a “blood oath” taken by Allen and his thief-in-arms James Davis, aka the knighted one’s CFO. In a plea agreement, Davis revealed that he and Allen cut their wrists to wrangle their AB+ together, sealing a deal to scam investors out of billions of dollars. Sure, Davis might be no saint, but he is something of a preacher. He founded a church in Mississippi and used to pray before business meetings (not to be struck down by lightning, likely). And there’s more, which you can check out in six months on ABC in a two-part miniseries that, if it hadn’t been already, must’ve been greenlighted within 45 seconds of the blood brother ritual hitting the Web.

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