Obama Names JPMorgan Chase Exec His New Chief of Staff

by Derek Loosvelt | January 06, 2011

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Now that Bill Daley, brother to Chicago Mayor Dick and leader of the Midwest operations of JPMorgan Chase, is heading to the White House to serve as President Obama's right-hand man, the big question is: will JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and Barack get back together?

After enjoying a blissful spring 2009 bro-mance, the two big swinging chiefs went through a rough, well-publicized breakup not all that far into what seemed to be blossoming love affair.

Fast-forward to today's appointment of Daley.

Given that Bill is such a close confidante of Jamie's, one can only assume that Dimon and Obama will be finding themselves, willingly or not, dining together soon, or at the very least enjoying a beer or two on the White House lawn.

Of course, whether or not they'll patch things up and rekindle the flame remains to be seen. And perhaps will be dependant upon how many beers both men down during their next summit.


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