Needham (Raj Rajaratnam's Old Firm) Needs Bankers

by Derek Loosvelt | March 09, 2011

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Just because one of its former employees might be spending the next two decades in the slammer is no reason not to give investment bank Needham & Company a look (that is, if you're looking for a job in banking).

The firm, based in New York, with additional offices in Boston, San Francisco and Menlo Park, Calif., is respected in the inudstry, despite its association with alleged insider trader Raj Rajaratnam (Raj Raj worked at the firm for 11 years, rising the ranks from analyst to president before jumping ship to start Galleon in 1997).

Though not a household name, Needham has been around for a while (since 1985) and has closed more than $60 billion in deals, including more than 500 public offerings, including 200 IPOs; more than 80 private placements; and over 275 mergers and acquisitions.

Currently, Needham needs senior investment bankers with experience in technology, software, biotech and healthcare industries, and with eight to 10 years of experience. It also has openings for senior equity research analysts with experience in the same aforementioned sectors; ideally, according to the firm, analyst applicants will also have a minimum of eight to 10 years of experience and, preferably, an MBA.

All interested parties can apply via the Needham website.


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