Lloyds Employee Sacked For Facebook-ing About CEO's £4,000-A

by Derek Loosvelt | April 06, 2011

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First you can't tweet about how much you're getting screwed while your bosses laugh their arses off all the way to the bank. And now you can't Facebook about it.

Stephanie Bon, an HR assistant at Lloyds Banking Group in the U.K., was fired after she posted this on her Facebook account: "LBG's new CEO gets £4,000 an hour. I get £7. That's fair."

To save you from having to do the math, it was recently revealed that Lloyds new CEO António Horta-Osório (poached from Banco Santander) will be paid £13.5 million this year. He'll also bank £900,000 in pension-related benefits from Santander in 2011.

Although Lloyds released an obvious lie a statement saying that Stephanie Bon's termination had nothing to do with her Facebook post, Bon said, "My team leader asked me why I was writing things like that. Then my manager came in and said she was disappointed in me. She said I was putting the company down. But I did not write anything that was controversial."

(Daily Mail: Bank worker fired for Facebook post comparing her £7-an-hour wage to Lloyds boss's £4,000-an-hour salary)

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