Hollywood's Forthcoming Financial Crisis-Related Horror Film

by Derek Loosvelt | October 21, 2008

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With producers recently fast-tracking the sequel to Oliver Stone's 1984 film Wall Street and All Hallow's Eve just around the dark and spooky corner, I did a little digging (not of the grave variety) and found a list of working titles of several financial crisis-related horror films currently in various stages of production:

28 Billion Dollars Later

Attack of the Killer Credit Swaps

The Bailout’s Rejects

Bucket of Bad Loans

Curse of the Worthless Derivative


From Dusk Till Bust

Haunted House of Representatives

I Spit on Your 401(k)

Invasion of the CEO Snatchers

My Bloody Portfolio

Paulson’s Baby

The Bernanke Bailout Project

The Last Investment Banker on Earth

The Mortgage-Backed Security Massacre

The Nightmare on Wall Street

The Risk Manager’s Backbone

Traders of the Corn

Urban Legends: Job Cut

Wes Craven’s Fixed Income Nightmare

If you hear about any similar films in progress, feel free to pass them on by commenting below.

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