Goldman's Great Facebook Retreat

by Derek Loosvelt | January 18, 2011

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Which of the following analogies best represents Goldman Sachs' reneging on its promise to allow all of its clients a piece of Facebook (as you know, now only the firm's non-U.S.-residing clients will be able to get a piece of Zuckerberg & Co.)?

a) It's like Goldman lined up in onside kick formation, its kicker began to run at the ball, all of its players with sticky hands (receivers, running backs, D-backs) went to one side of the field, and then all of a sudden its offensive coordinator called time out.

b) It's like Goldman set up to punt, only they were going to fake the punt and the punter was going to hit the tight end on a down-and-out for the first down. But then Goldman was penalized for delay of game, shoving them back five yards, and they decided to screw the trick play and punt the sucker downfield.

c) It's like Goldman Sachs' QB was scrambling and, with a 290-pound Pro-Bowl defensive lineman heading straight at him, he wildly through the ball away -- and was called for intentional grounding, thus losing the down and 10 yards.

d) It's like Goldman Sachs has suffered yet another concussion, and is acting funny on the sidelines. Again.

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