Five Things You Should Be Watching Or Reading

by Derek Loosvelt | May 12, 2009

1. Malcolm Gladwell on why the financial crisis happened (highlight: quoting Jimmy Cayne)

2. CNBC on the thousands of finance jobs available in the U.S. government (highlight: the salaries are better than you might imagine)

3. SNL sketch on the banking stress tests (highlight: Citi’s answers on the written section of its exam)

4. Street Fighters, Kate Kelly’s new book on Bear Stearns’ final 72 hours (highlight: revisiting Jimmy C’s cheeba habit)

5. “From Wall Street to Green Mountain,” WSJ article on an ex-Goldman trader’s new career (highlight: learning that coffee is more satisfying than a bundle of distressed assets)

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Life after (Marakon) consulting Six Strategies for Staying Positive During Your Job Search:

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