Ex-Goldman Sachs Trader With Brain Cancer Has "The Answer"

by Derek Loosvelt | December 03, 2010

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That is, Gordon Murray, a former bond trader at Goldman Sachs who later worked at Lehman Brothers and CSFB and who "decided to cease all treatment five months ago for his glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer," recently published The Investment Answer.

According to the Times, "the mere fact that Mr. Murray felt compelled to write it is itself a remarkable story of an almost willful ignorance of the futility of active money management — and how he finally stumbled upon a better way of investing. Mr. Murray now stands as one the highest-ranking Wall Street veterans to take back much of what he and his colleagues worked for during their careers."

Even more fascinating than a book about how Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse and other Wall Street titans have it all wrong when it comes to investing is the answer to this question: If you had less than a year left to live, how would you spend your dying days?

I'm not sure what I'd do, but I think this guy is on to something. Happy Friday.

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