Dimon Dealt $17 Million, Dave Is Saved

by Derek Loosvelt | February 05, 2010

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JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Blood Dimon will take home an all-stock (no cash) bonus worth $17 million for his time and effort on behalf of the bank's shareholders in 2009.

Jamie Dimon

Which means, if you're keeping score at home, Dimon is now in the lead for top banking chief bonus for '09.

Unfortunately, Jamie will not get to enjoy his No. 1 ranking for long; Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd I Ain't Shooting Blankfein's '09 bonus, which is days away from being announced, is nearly a lock to best Dimon's.

In other news, David Kiely, the Aussie banker caught with his hand in the cookie jar (aka checking out jpegs of a nude Victoria's Secret model on his computer while his mate spoke about bonds and rates and other boring work stuff in a live Australian television interview), will get to keep his job at Macquarie Bank, thanks in part to a "Save Dave" campaign, which the model who Dave was checking out (Miranda Kerr, actor Orlando Bloom's fiance) wholeheartedly supported.

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