Corzine and Kenny Talk Goldman Sachs

by Derek Loosvelt | February 24, 2010

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The firm that everybody as of late loves to hate—New York-headquartered investment banking Bad Boy Goldman Sachs—is back in the news today as former big-time Bad Boy Jonny Corzine told Bloomberg that all the GS hating is rooted in the greenest of emotions: no, not the love of the acai berry, but envy.

According to J.C., we abhor because we really want to be Goldman bankers and make millions as opposed to being out of work or making our measly six- or, the horror, five-figure salaries.

J.C. also says that Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein didn't really mean it when he said he and his firm were "doing God's work." J.C. adds that he's hoping to be back at work after being voted out of the state of Jersey.

Speaking of Goldman hating, Kenny Feinberg was able to fit in a pretty creative dig aimed at God's head worker bee during the below interview in which, among other things, Kenny speaks about getting the call from the Secretary of the Treasury asking him to take the Pay Czar slot (beware: the Czar gets pretty heated, not to mention a tad loud, at about 2:30; raise the volume at your own risk).

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