5 Things You Didn't Know About BlackRock CEO Larry Fink

by Derek Loosvelt | June 06, 2011

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In a five-minute New York Times video interview with BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, we learn that (1) Larry was a "challenged" child (which should lessen your worry if you're a little slow too); (2) Larry had an offer to work for Goldman Sachs rescinded after he told a Goldman HR professional that the bank's interview process was "disorganized" (the moral here is if you find yourself vying for a job at Goldman, whatever you do, don't tell the squid that its waste reeks of anything other than flowers); (3) Larry was Credit Suisse First Boston's youngest managing director ever (which shows that challenged children can mount swift comebacks -- parents take note); (4) Larry lost $100 million while co-heading CSFB's fixed income desk (which tells us that even the biggest Wall Street swingers can have off-quarters); and (5) Larry has no hard feelings about the split with Blackstone and, more specifically, about the split with Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, if only because of this: BlackRock is bigger than Blackstone (which proves that, in asset management, as in most things, size matters immensely).

(DealBook Portraits: Laurence D. Fink)

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