2010 Banking Survey: Buzz Quote Guessing Game

by Derek Loosvelt | April 15, 2010

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In an ongoing series of posts previewing the results of our annual North American Banking Survey (now underway) below are 10 BUZZ quotes recently given to us by 2010 survey respondents. The quotes describe banks that appeared in the top 10 in our 2009 prestige rankings. To refresh your memory, or in case you missed them last year, here's how the 2009 prestige rankings shook out:


1. Goldman Sachs

2. Blackstone

3. Morgan Stanley

4. J.P. Morgan

5. Lazard

6. Greenhill & Co.

7. Credit Suisse

8. Evercore Partners

9. Deutsche Bank

10. Rothschild

Can you guess which of the above firms correspond to the below quotes (listed in random order)?

"Restructuring pros"

"I constantly get calls from headhunters saying this firm is looking for people"

"Arrogant, but still brings in the best deals"

"Most impressive brand endurance in the wake of the industry collapse"

"The name doesn't elicit nearly the level of admiration it did three years ago"

"Still dominates sell-side mandates"


"Strong European franchise"

"Good bulge-bracket bank, but not in the top five"


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