Why be socially responsible?

by Aman Singh Das | June 24, 2009

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Four times in less than an hour. That's how many times the term Corporate Social Responsibility came up in a breakfast meeting this morning. And the meeting wasn't even about CSR in its purest definition! So, it made me think, what are employers doing to cultivate inclusion and keep themselves abreast with their responsibilities toward society? Because ultimately, that is what CSR is about, isn't it? Yes, it is a catchy buzz word. But for minorities, women and immigrants, an awareness of what the employer does to spread its employee pool and think outside the box in its hiring practices, this is what gets them in the workforce and constantly growing in their career.

So then, what is democratic about the hiring process? Do employers have a duty toward furthering diversity? If not a duty, is it a mere obligation? Besides the much-spoken about benefits of a diverse team, why do we as members of corporate America need to cultivate an awareness of inclusion? At the very basic level, simply because it is good, it is responsible behavior and because at the very beginning, America was built on diverse settlers, ideas and traditions.

Then, why is the "Diversity Team (or the division of Human Resources responsible for furthering diversity initiatives and recruitment)" one of the first targets when layoffs are considered? Does cultural stereotype put you in the "No" pile with HR managers? Tell us what you think. Have you had a personal experience with an interviewer where you felt your ethnic and cultural identity was a roadblock? Write to us by clicking on the "Post a Comment" tab above and let's make this a dialogue.

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