Vacation Alert: Back in Three Weeks

by Aman Singh Das | September 23, 2010

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There has been much talk lately about how the Indian government is trying to regulate CSR in an economy that has been growing exponentially while Western countries battle a recession and historically high unemployment numbers. From a suggestion earlier in the year by Corporate Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid that CSR might be written into law, to a demand for detailed reports on companies' CSR spending, 2010 has been a roller coaster ride for Indian businesses.

And Vault's CSR blog has provided you with continued coverage as the story evolves. Now, I head to India to get a firsthand look at how corporate India is responding to demands for responsible management, transparent corporate governance and a work culture that emphasizes giving back to the community. Is government regulation the answer? Are companies feeling pigeonholed? How Is CSR defined in a country that continues to rely heavily on small businesses and mom-and-pop operations?

These will be just some of the questions on my mind as I finally meet some of the CSR advocates and practitioners who I have had the privilege to connect with through the virtual world of social media.

I will be back in mid-October, armed with much to write and discuss. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Vault's industry blogs as well as our Career Advice blog for the latest news and commentary on careers, job trends and more.

Also, stay connected with us through LinkedIn and Twitter, and keep these important discussions going!

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