The Top 10 Hottest States for Green Jobs

by Aman Singh Das | December 16, 2009

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A new study by Pew Charitable Trusts names the top 10 states that were "hot" for green jobs through this year, with some states showing three times the growth in the green market compared to overall jobs. I wrote about California's dramatic growth in green jobs last week, now see what other states are beckoning green careerists, courtesy CNBC.

No. 10: Ohio

No. 9: Pennsylvania

No. 8: Vermont (Average annual green job growth: 1.69%)

No. 7: Idaho (Average annual green job growth: 10.11%)

No. 6: Colorado

No. 5: Minnesota

No. 4: Massachusetts (Number of green jobs created: Over 26,000)

No. 3: California (Number of green jobs created: 125,390)

No. 2: Maine

No. 1: Oregon (Average annual green jobs growth: 4.77%)

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