The threat of inevitability: If you don't lead, you will have to follow

by Aman Singh Das | September 03, 2009

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The final day of the CSR Practitioner Workshop here in Chicago was all about getting down to the nitty gritty. Certifications, standards and the need for regulation were discussed. Passionate about their work, some executives presented their trials with introducing the various elements of Corporate Social Responsibility at their companies. Some saw significant ROIs and some saw a lack of interest from management.

After a grueling two days, filled with countless modules and discussion of issues, the underlying message is clear: CSR will have to be adopted by corporate America sooner than later. If you don't choose to now, legislation and competition will force you to soon enough.

In many ways, the position of CSR today makes me think of diversity. Two to three decades ago, people talked about diversity in the workplace as a relatively new concept. Some vouched for its benefits and others demanded a need for legislation overarching OSHA and EEO.

Today, it is a given at most employers. The difference though? Climate change will become a threat sooner than the battle for more African-American, Hispanic and Latino executives in corporate America's decision-making seats.

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