Social Media & Corporate Social Responsibility: Get the Word Out!

by Aman Singh Das | January 22, 2010

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Great article on Mashable today on why social media is necessary for corporate social responsibility. Beyond the obvious reasons, the article penned by freelance entertainment correspondent for CNN, Melissa Jun Rowley, discusses the triple bottom line--people, planet and profit--and how CSR is perceived today in the corporate world.

She also discusses findings from a panel at the Justmeans Social Media for Sustainability conference, which was held in San Francisco last month. The main points include getting to know your stakeholders through social media, influencing your customer base as a socially responsible citizen and also about good PR, i.e., getting the good word out there about your sustainability work. And all of these can be conducted via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg and all the other viral media options available today.

While here is a link to the complete article, take a look below at the accompanying video for some great takes on CSR from professionals at Nike, Intel and Seventh Generation.

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