Six Resume Must Haves When Applying For a Green Job

by Aman Singh Das | November 11, 2009

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Have you been wondering lately what exactly it is that managers are looking for in a candidate when they are hiring for green jobs? And how to tailor your qualifications to fit in with the requirements of a job posting? Stephen Hinton, Managing Director of Hinton Human Capital, discusses six basic elements that must stand out on your resume, courtesy, The Green Economy Post:

1) The ability to create and manage business relationships: Your resume must show a track record of continuous business relationships.

2) Technical Skills: Show how your skills have been applied in the STEM fields successfully, i.e., science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

3) Financial Management: A minimum requirement is to know how to manage budgets. ROI is a must-have skill as well and your resume must portray this knowledge.

4) Management: Your resume must show your adeptness at managing teams, processes and policy. These will translate into manageable CSR terms for the hiring manager.

5) Product Development & Marketing: You must persuade the interviewer that you understand marketing cycles and are in tune with consumer trends, customer satisfaction and have the necessary skill to build a brand.

6) Credentials: Professional certifications will help as this is a new and upcoming field. They also go a long way in telling the employer that you have done your research and acquired the required knowledge.

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