It IS About the Jobs Silly!

by Aman Singh Das | January 11, 2010

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Even climate change regulation is first and foremost about jobs. And if it hasn't been so far, it needs to be to achieve even mediocre success in the U.S. With unemployment stuck at 10%, any new regulation needs to be tied to green jobs. At the core it might be about the survival of our future generations, but on the surface as well as in effect, it needs to be about job creation. Discussing this today is WSJ's column, The Outlook: An environmental policy that fails to promote jobs isn't going to do anything for the atmosphere ... because it isn't going to get off the ground.

Since it's easier to measure job creation and a dipping unemployment rate than a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, environmental regulators will be suave to tie the two together and hope that job growth encourages sustainability.

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