3: 32: NFL's "perfect" diversity ratio

by Aman Singh Das | August 10, 2009

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Interesting article in the Sun Journal today talking about the NFL and its "diversity policy." Really? Seemingly, the league put together not one but three diversity committees to ensure more black coaches. Presently, three of the 32 teams are coached by an African-American. Compare this number to minority representation on the teams: 60 to 70% for most teams.

So what did these three committees accomplish? They set a process that ensures that at least one minority candidate is interviewed for every coach slot. That he doesn't get hired is immaterial. That the Detroit Lions got fined for hiring a white coach (because no African-American coach wanted to be interviewed after learning that the team had already identified a candidate who happened to be white) is mindless touting of diversity. So the charade of ensuring diversity is in place. The actual practice? Not so much.

Not surprising then, that these coaches who rise to become prominent sports executives progress to making decisions that don't reflect diversity in the league. As with corporate America, so with national football. Diversity needs to grow from bottoms up.

To read the complete article, click here. 

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