Unlikely Career Paths of Oscar Winners

by Kristina Rudic | February 27, 2017

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Unlikely Career Paths of Oscar Winners

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Damien Chazzelle: La La Land

Damien focused his attention on drumming throughout high school, which served as inspiration for his breakthrough film Whiplash and now La La Land, both of which landed numerous Oscars. His extensive experience with music has significantly affected both films and has set a precedent for audiences to look out for in his future films. Having abandoned a career as a drummer, Chazelle’s technical film training only consisted of his time at Harvard.

On how passions and career paths can change:

“It’s a little difficult when something goes from being an utter obsession—a thing where your skill defines you as a person—to it just being a thing you occasionally do.”

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The 2017 Oscars were anything but boring. From underdog wins to an unexpected twist at the very end, the famous awards show celebrated talent, wit, and the new trailblazers, many of which of took unusual paths to Hollywood stardom. Here we highlight the unique career paths of five new Oscar winners, along with the lessons they learned along the way and advice they have for students and young professionals.

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