A Day in the Life of Squarespace's Founder and CEO

by Kristina Rudic | November 16, 2016

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A Day in the Life of Squarespace's Founder and CEO

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Squarespace's Headquarters in NYC

In 2003, a college student was sitting in his dorm room trying to build a site that included more than a simple WordPress template could give him. The design focused undergrad realized that in order to achieve what he saw in his mind’s eye, he’d have to start from scratch. This undergrad was Anthony Casalena, the founder and CEO of Squarespace. Today, the company has grown to over 580 employees who help design, assist, and manage the millions of websites that have been created on the Squarespace platform.

We got a chance to see what it’s like to work as Anthony at Squarespace’s new headquarters in New York City—a space where Anthony’s focus on design can literally be seen. 

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In 2004, Anthony Casalena's project of building a personal webpage took off when others saw what he had created. Over a decade later, Casalena's project has grown to one of the most talked about startups in years. Squarespace's growth and innovation can only be chalked up to Casalena's ingenuity, focus on design, and perseverance

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