A Day in the Life of a Brigade Employee

by Kristina Rudic | May 18, 2016

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What's Brigade?

Voting: it’s something we’ve heard a lot about recently. The most recent presidential election has been fueled by both presidential candidates’ comments as well as voters’ on a multitude of social media outlets, and Brigade is taking a note of that. As the world’s first voter network, Brigade’s primary focus is convincing the oversharing generation that sharing their political views might actually have an impact on those around them and could bring them together to enact change. It’s the strongest case for democracy an app has made in recent years.

The founders of Brigade have found a way to track your political preferences, and their main attempt is to engage you in conversation with others about them. For millennials who are constantly attached to their phone, it doesn’t sound like a challenge – although getting them to share their political views publicly is.

For those already verbal about their stances, Twitter or Facebook is where they typically go, and where the audience is not just vast, but sometimes disinterested and hostile. On Brigade, the agenda is to share and debate rather than rant and attack. Once on the app, you can take a stance on anything from guns to food and agriculture by agreeing or disagreeing with statements made in each category. The more you answer, the more engaged you become and it becomes easier to identify with other users, who are not separated with the typical labels of Republican, Democrat or Independent.

By engaging with one another, users are actively creating groups, which CEO Matt Mahan hopes will bring people to “voice their opinions and take action with others” which, in turn, will connect them with “officials who can do something about it.” I’d say that’s democracy to a tee. 

We got an inside look at what it’s like to be behind the scenes at Brigade. Here is the day of one of their engineering leads, Emily: 

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With the election season in full bloom, the world's first voter network is expanding and gaining many - especially millennials - to debate and band together on controversial issues. As Brigade gets people to come together on a multitude of topics, it also hopes to incite action and change on the individuals themselves. 

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