IBM and the case for putting employees first

by Vault Consulting Editors | March 17, 2010

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Is Big Blue getting complacent? According to this piece, it just might be, and employees are starting to take notice. IBM has released metrics showing that the number of its employees who are "at least minimally satisfied" with their job has remained flat, at the mid-60-range, for the past five years. And apparently, the firm hasn't done much to improve that percentage, with many employees claiming that the IBM name is a good resume boost, but doesn’t offer much in the way of a positive workplace.


(IBM doesn't crack Vault's 20 Best Firms to Work For, either, but it does show some strength in the area of diversity.)

IBM's complacency is surprising in this market, since talent retention is top of mind for many executives these days, and standout employees aren't blind to the fact that their skills are in demand. The secret to coming out of the recession successfully is in the power of the employees, and now is the time for companies to do their utmost to show appreciation for their most valuable commodity.

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