Who Will Survive the B-School Bubble Burst?

by Vault Education Editors | May 26, 2011

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Stanford will, says Stanford b-school dean Garth Saloner. Elite institutions will always be in demand, he says, so if there is a business school bubble, and it bursts, then the top-ten schools will likely stay clear of the wreckage.

The Economist, agrees with Saloner, using the following logic: “Indeed, if we are to see an oversupply of MBA programmers, and an undersupply of attractive jobs for their students, then the only way for MBAs to distinguish themselves from the masses is to graduate from a lofty school.” Quite possibly, top programs may even see demand increase after a burst bubble, “as they become viewed as safe havens.”

Time at Stanford’s safe haven currently runs around $53,000 a year and spent on a new $345 million campus. That kind of free-spending on new buildings trending through b-schools, critics say, points to a future where lower tier schools with shallower pockets are no longer viable.  


[Photo: gsb.stanford.edu]

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