Two Myths About MBAs Tested

by Vault Education Editors | June 17, 2011

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Here are two MBA myths: One, people who go for their MBAs only want a job in finance, consulting, or whatever straight-laced corporate job we might call conventional; and two, sweet gigs only go to MBAs from the elite schools.

The clever thing that admissions consultant Paul Bodine did to test these myths was to go on LinkedIn and peruse the “post-MBA careers of one respected but not exactly coveted business school: Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business.” He found that while many Tepper grads did indeed become consulting and finance-types, there were also a good deal of Tepper MBAs “with roles that would highlight any B-school’s brochure.” He has listed some of those less-conventional roles on his site.

[Paul Bodine]

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