Two MBA Interview Types: Blind vs. Comprehensive

by Vault Education Editors | November 15, 2010

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With the release of first-round interview invitations and the subsequent increase in pressure on MBA candidates, we are presenting a five-part article series, Managing the MBA Interview, with our friends at mbaMission to help applicants decompress and thoughtfully manage the MBA interview process. In the second entry in the series, mbaMission founder Jeremy Shinewald describes the two main kinds of business school interviews and explains how you can prepare accordingly and ensure your strongest stories are shared, no matter which approach you encounter at your target school.

Managing the MBA Interview Part 2: What is the Interviewer's Approach?

Last week, we debunked the myth that your MBA interview will be complicated and cover unfamiliar topics, and established that most business school interviews are in fact casual conversations in which you discuss your life and experiences to date. So, now that we have covered what to expect with regard to the content of your MBA interview, we can address what to expect in terms of the context of the questions you will be asked. MBA interviews fall into two categories, blind and comprehensive. Although their styles vary dramatically, the important thing to keep in mind (as we established in Part I of this series) is that you already have the answers, because the questions will always be about you. READ MORE

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