Treat GMAT Quantitative Questions Like Little Games

by Vault Education Editors | June 02, 2011

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By Andrew Geller, TPNY

An encouraging fact:  An above average middle school graduate has most of the math skills necessary to tackle the GMAT quantitative section…with flying colors.

You may be thinking, Why am I being tested on middle school math in order to be accepted to business school? Good question. The short answer is that you are not being tested on the math, at least not primarily. You are being tested mainly on your reasoning skills and your ability to pick up patterns, which likely mirror the kind of thinking you’d do as a business professional. For the prospective test taker, this is good and bad. On the bright side there are few formulas to memorize. They are simple and many of them are actually given to you on the test (although you should have them memorized!). A common pitfall of many GMAT test-takers is to start calculating before thinking. READ MORE

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