Top Five Things Not to Wear Under Your Graduation Gown

by Vault Education Editors | April 09, 2010

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No matter what, graduation is an exciting time. It marks the successful completion of one stage or your life, and the arrival of something new. It is therefore not all that surprising that soon-to-be graduates sometimes go a little overboard. While we cannot physically stop you from committing any of the following faux-pas, we nonetheless humbly offer up these few bits of advice.

Top Five Things NOT to Wear Under your Gown: Graduation Attire DON'TS

  1. Do not wear anything polyester. May and June are among the hottest months of the year and polyester is not exactly a fabric that breathes well. Plus, you’ll be wearing enough as is.
  2. Do not wear only your birthday suit. While going buck naked with only a cap and a soccer ball was funny in She's All That, it's probably best to wear at least your skivvies on graduation day. No one wants to be naked in photos with Gramma, even if she did live it up in the 60s.
  3. Do not wear a full suit and tie under your cap and gown. Unless you plan to graduate from a school in the Arctic, you might actually melt in a full suit and tie. This is especially true if it's your one black interview suit, which, let's face it, is probably wool or polyester (see No. 1).
  4. Do not wear a toga either. There is a time and a place for everything.
  5. Do not wear stilettos to an outdoor graduation. I understand, those green three-inch stilettos are the most beautiful shoes you own, but they will sink into the grass, and you will capsize as a result. Not to mention that, on the off chance that you didn’t heed stellar bit of advice No. 2, it will be really embarrassing.

She's All That graduation image That said, if you do in the end decide to wear a Superman costume underneath your gown, we will be much more understanding. We would also suggest a giant bottle of Gatorade simply because you will, most likely, be extremely hot with a killer hang-over to boot. And other than that, it's up to your own discretion. Godspeed, friend, and congratulations!

--Posted by Madison Priest

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