Top 5 MBA Programs by Specialty

by Vault Education Editors | December 14, 2010

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In choosing which MBA programs to apply to or attend, it can't always be about overall prestige. Some schools are great for accounting but not for marketing. As a candidate looking to study operations, you'd need to find out which schools excel in that particular area and focus on them. Recruiters, they know which programs produce MBAs with the best marketing skills, which breed the best communication skills and which cultivate the best analytic skills. They also have their ideas about what schools are tops for global business and teamwork. They even pay close attention to which schools improve their career services.

The opinions of these recruiters on MBA program specialties were recently revealed in Businessweek, a part of their 2010 top MBA program rankings. Here are BW's top 5 programs in finance, accounting, general management and marketing.  

1.Pennsylvania (Wharton)
2.Chicago (Booth)
5.Boston College (Carroll)

1.Chicago (Booth)
1.Texas-Austin (McCombs)
3.Rochester (Simon)
3.Boston College (Carroll)
5.U of Washington (Foster)

2.Pennsylvania (Wharton)
3.Northwestern (Kellogg)
4.Pittsburgh (Katz)
5.Boston University

1.Northwestern (Kellogg)
2.U of Washington (Foster)
2.Boston college (Carroll)
4.Babson (Olin)
4.Arizona State (Carey)
4.George Washington

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