The Top 5 Most Attractive MBA Employers

by Vault Education Editors | November 01, 2010

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Accounting is dull. Dull! Dull! In a culture where a few moments of boredom can seem like torture, there are few professions as plain, as boring, as grotesque as accounting, right? To most people, probably yes, but MBA students, well, they really want to work at accounting firms! As long as they're at one of the "Big Four."

In a survey that asked 130,000 MBA students to name their ideal employers, ranking the top 50, KPMP, Ernst & Young, PWC, and Deloitte came out just behind Google, which, big surprise, retained the top spot for the second year in a row.  

From the recent GMAC report on MBA application trends (PDF file), we learned that among programs applications for master's in accounting experienced the highest increase, as well as needing some of the least active recruitment. So, accounting is attractive now. It won't be long before we see features on the 50 Most Beautiful Accountants.




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