Technology Jobs: The New Hope for MBAs?

by Vault Education Editors | January 29, 2010

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Good news for top MBA grads! According to a recent Reuters article, hiring is starting to look up. MIT Sloan students met with high-tech and energy companies and received positive feedback. They employers they visited ranged from large, well-known companies like Apple and Google, to small startups like Oasys Water and OpenTable. According to a National Association for Business Economics survey (via Reuters), 44 percent of U.S. companies are planning to invest in new computers and other technology--something they've put off since the beginning of the economic downturn in 2007. So high-tech companies, particularly those leading the charge into new markets such as mobile technology, will soon be in high demand.

The MBA students likely to benefit most from these growing markets are those at top business schools that specialize in high-tech and have strong ties with employers in Silicon Valley and Seattle. Stanford GSB and MIT Sloan best fit this bill, so we can expect to see their employment numbers increase first. Though the class of 2010 may have a tough time competing with the class of 2009 for these jobs as they pop up, the class of 2011 will surely reap the rewards of the technology boom. Moreover, as MBA Game Plan points out, the class of 2012 may find an even healthier high-tech job market; though, of course, "in today's market anything can happen."

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