NYU Stern Dean Makes "Diversification of Excellence" a "Cont

by Vault Education Editors | January 28, 2010

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As a follow-up to my Tuesday post about NYU Stern's need to branch out beyond its finance reputation and the BusinessWeek article about NYU Stern's new dean, Peter Henry, here's an excerpt from Dean Henry's letter to the student body about how NYU Stern will continue to grow:

Dean Peter Henry

We will leverage our many assets--the laboratory for learning and growth that is New York City, as well as the many cities on five continents around the globe where NYU has a presence. We will make the diversification of excellence across all of our disciplinary areas a continuing priority. We will continue to tighten the linkages between business and policy, theory and practice--in the research we conduct, in what we teach in the classroom and in the forums we create on campus for interchanges between faculty, business leaders, policy makers, and our students and alumni. And I personally plan to spend time talking to employers, encouraging them to be forward-looking and to make critical long-term investments in you--the next generation of leaders.

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