My Internship Made Me Never Want to Work a Real Job

by Vault Education Editors | June 17, 2011

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Scott Gerber could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad internship.

Two weeks passed – and the internship got worse by the day. Valuable experience, my ass. I wasn’t learning a damn thing about the entertainment business. Each day my fellow indentured servants and I were reduced to file clerks and office gophers who fetched coffee and lunch for our superiors. Only if we were lucky did we receive the occasional chance to read and critique scripts as the internship description had indicated.

The worst part of the gig by far was the power-drunk middle manager whose severe anger issues earned him the nickname “Director Dickhead.”

His experience shows just how important it is to research internships before you do them.

[Globe and Mail]

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