MBA Career Expert Says Employers Still Conservative with Hir

by Vault Education Editors | December 02, 2010

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The WSJ interviewed the president of MBA Career Services Council, Nicole Hall, about her sense of the current job market for business school grads. Hall, who is also executive director of career services at Pepperdine's Graziadio school of Business and Management, has a refreshingly honest take on an MBA job market that's improving, but slowly.

I've gone through and summarized the relevant points:

  1. Hiring continues to be up in healthcare, energy and technology sectors.
  2. Consulting and financial services companies are showing higher, but still conservative, recruiting activity.
  3. Employers are not as eager to recruit early on.
  4. Many companies that hired multiple students from a single school in the past are now only choosing one.
  5. Not only are job offers being received later, students are taking longer to accept them, because the jobs or the offers aren't ideal.
  6. Employers are focusing on schools with proven successful candidates
  7. Companies are trying to save on their recruiting budgets by recruiting locally at schools in their region.

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