Lenient Curve on October LSAT Scores

by Vault Education Editors | November 01, 2010

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Score results for the October LSAT were sent out this past weekend. How was the curve? Pretty favorable again. It seems that missing 26 or 27 out of a total 101 questions still led to a score of 160. Missing 11 or 12 translated to a score of 170, which, usually good enough to place the test taker in the 98th percentile, this year only put him in the 97th percentile, as this photo indicates. Missing 26 or 27 questions still led to a score of 160.

Blueprint's LSAT blog has a short analysis of the curve this year and a nice little chart that tracks the test's curve over the last five years. If you haven't already, go and check out the average LSAT scores for last year's incoming first years at the Top 40 law schools.


- David Limm, Vault.com

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